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Jobs That Are In Demand in Malaysia

Looking for a job?

Wondering which job is in high demand in Malaysia? There are many job fields and opportunities in Malaysia and a lot of people have degrees. It’s quite difficult to determine which field you want to work in as there are different demands for every field. If you want to see which sectors are in high demand in Malaysia then this list is something worth reading. Hopefully, this article might also give you an idea about what you want to do if you are deciding to go to university but can’t decide on a course. So here are jobs which are in demand in Malaysia!

1. Computer Science and IT

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We live in the digital age, so of course, this field is now more relevant than ever. There is a large need for those who are well versed in solving various computer issues.

And in the age of cyberattacks and fake news, cybersecurity is a profession that is now seeing a rise as newer technologies can bring about a new set of issues that need to be stomped and solved.

Other jobs revolving around computers may include:

Systems analysts: who are in charge of analyzing different software for a company.

Applications programmer: who is in charge of programming apps and network engineer who are in charge of planning, implementing and overseeing the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, video and wireless network services (Essentials in any company).

2. Finance

The finance field is among the biggest in Malaysia and in the world as money is what keeps everything going. Therefore there is always a need for finance professionals in the world.

Finance is a field that will remain in the job market for a very long time, so long as there is still an economy running in the country and in the world.

Examples of finance jobs may include:

Finance Manager: They are responsible for the financial stability of a company. They will perform tasks like producing financial reports, thinking up of direct investment activities and planning strategies that ensure that a company will set its financial goal. Every company has a financial manager so this position will always be in demand.

Credit Analyst: They are in charge of evaluating the company’s or person’s creditworthiness when it comes to obtaining loans along with looking at the risks of funding said company or person. They make their analysis by gathering financial data from a client, data such as spending habits, payment history, earnings, information on savings and purchase activities.

3. Graphic & Multimedia Design

As long as there is a creative industry, there will always be a need for creative types. Graphic design is everywhere, on logos, signboards, book covers, web-pages, etc. Companies in Malaysia are also suffering from shortages of creative types that can help them with their logos or various other designs.

We should also look at the fact of the ever-growing amount of creative content we are seeing. There is now a rise in games, applications and animations made in Malaysia that would most definitely need of creative types.

Take a look at these tips if you want to advance in graphic design:

Examples of jobs in this field include:

Graphic Designer: They are in charge of creating visual pieces and concepts. Their works can be featured in logos, games, web design, magazines, etc. They can create their works using computer software or by hand, however, the use of computer software is more popular.

Animator: In charge of creating animations for creative content. In Malaysia, we have already seen a number of locally produced animations which have become huge. Like Upin and Ipin or Boboiboy.

4. Culinary

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Food is a big thing in Malaysia. From high-end Michelin star restaurants to small hawkers serving up some delicious local food. Food is one of the main driving forces of Malaysian culture. Many hotels are suffering from a shortage of those specializing in the culinary arts as people may see jobs in this field as difficult, stressful and demeaning at times. But now hotels are running recruitment programs and offering an increase in wages, so, therefore, there is now a demand for the positions within that field. So if you are a lover of food and creating food, then you are surely in luck!

Examples of jobs in the culinary field may include:

Chef: Responsible for creating a variety of dishes in a restaurant along with garnishing and decorating the dishes. Chefs also have the responsibility of managing the kitchen staff and supervising the quality of ingredients and overall quality of the dishes served to hungry patrons.

Pastry Chef: They are in charge of the baking aspects in a kitchen, these includes the creation of a variety of bread types and lovely selections of pastry. Pastry chefs are also responsible for managing a baking team in the kitchen, ensuring that the other bakers keep the products at a good quality.

5. Education

Education is very important in our society, both in Malaysia and in the world. This is why jobs in the education sector will always remain and be in demand. It is a noble position as those who enter the teaching field are helping in shaping the minds of generations to come. From lecturers in the university to kindergarten teachers. In Malaysia, there is a need for lecturers who can teach in the field of technology, specifically in the areas of data science and cyber-security as these are fields that may be of importance in the future.

Jobs in the education field may include:

University Lecturer: They are employed by universities to help teach students. Lecturers can teach in a variety of skills, but as mentioned before, universities in Malaysia are looking for lecturers who specialize in technology, specifically cyber-security, data science and forensics. So, if you have studied those fields, then you are in luck!

Kindergarten and Pre-School teachers: If you are good with kids and studied education that you could consider becoming a teacher for younger kids. Help shape the minds of the future as you prepare the kids for the progression of their education.

So, these suggestions should help you have a good idea of what Malaysia wants in terms of careers, but however do note that just because these careers are in demand, doesn’t mean that all other job prospects are nonexistent or have no place in the country. If none of the careers in this article appeases you than do not worry!

Every path has their place in Malaysia so do not let this list deter you from doing what you are passionate about, after all, passion is key when it comes to doing things. Passion is what makes people good at the things they are doing. There will be no point if one were to take a finance course, on the reason that it has better job prospects, and not be passionate about crunching numbers. If people were to get into fields that they are not passionate about, we would just have the wrong people in the wrong places.

But it really all comes down to how we perceive and go through it all as we are all different.

So, you like music, then do a music course, you like films than do a film course! So long as you are passionate, there’s always a way to go for your dreams.

Jika anda sedang cari kerja sepenuh masa, pastikan untuk kemaskinikan resume anda!