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Frozen Food Myths

Frozen Food Myths

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Frozen food has a rather tainted reputation in regard to how healthy it is for you and whether its nutritional value remains when it is frozen. You have to follow the right process to keep it fresh. There are a lot of perfect techniques. Below are some of the tips. However, with advancements in technology and the way we store frozen food, it is not all bad. Here are some myths about frozen food that are now debunked.


One myth is that frozen food and vegetables are not as healthy as their freshly picked counter parts. However, freshly picked fruits lose nutritional value a few days after it has been picked faster than frozen fruit and vegetables. Usually for frozen produce, it is picked at the period of peak ripeness and all that nutrition is conserved when frozen.

Another myth is that all frozen food is high in sodium. But don’t worry, products that are imported and produced from the wholesale frozen food Singapore are now taking into account the requests of health-conscious consumers. You could get healthy frozen meals that contain less sodium.

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Another myth that people take on about frozen food is that is is more expensive, but that is not the case. Depending on where the produce comes from, a large onion or two may cost more than a bag of ready chopped frozen onions.

So those were some myths about frozen food, so go ahead! Get that bag of frozen onions or berries or that box of frozen lasagna or pizza! Don’t fear the frozen food! But don’t stuff yourself either, just because we cleared up some misconceptions and myths about frozen food, doesn’t mean you can just get rid of everything in your freezer and stock it up with boxes of and bags of frozen product. Like with all foods, even healthy ones, it is best to make sure you keep it all in moderation and you and your cherished body will be fine! Make sure to eat food that is good for your liver and look for signage that says the food is fresh. If you are vegan, then all the more reason you must refrain from meat.